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Furry Friends

Julia Johnson - Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Do you have a dog or cat and want to rent in the Des Moines area? Majority of our properties are pet friendly! Millions have pets and for many, living without their pet is absolutely not an option. Having a pet friendly home allows for more prospective tenants to be interested in a property. It also allows for a higher chance on tenant's renewing their lease because if later on they decide they do want a pet, they have the ability to stay in their same home with a pet. If you are currently living in one of our homes and are thinking of getting a pet, it may be a good idea to first ask our office for approval!


We know the importance of living with your four legged family member, but we must ask the standard monthly pet rent fee of $50 and a pet deposit of $150. We do not wish to keep your deposit, but we understand that accidents do occasionally happen. 

How do I know the home is pet friendly?

To find out if the property you want is pet friendly, it will say it directly on the description of the property within our website. Most of our homes are, but some may vary. If you still have questions on wondering if your pet will be accepted, please call our office number at 515-664-8252.

Therapy and Service dogs

Therapy and/or service pets are accepted at ALL of our properties. Size and breed rules do not apply if the animal has the documents to show that they are certified. For these types of animals, we also do not charge a pet rent fee or collect a pet deposit. We understand and respect that these dogs are needed for medical reasoning.