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Success in Social Media

Julia Johnson - Wednesday, May 26, 2021

If I told you, that as a Property Management company, I can get 30-50+ messages a day regarding our rentals, would you believe me? Did you know that 69% of people use the Facebook platform now a days. Social media platforms are changing the advertising industry entirely and I am a huge enthusiast on educating others on the importance of knowing your target audience and which platform to spend your time advertising the greatest. If your company is not active on social media, you are decreasing an easy way for people to recognize your company and be interested in your service/product. 

Top Shelf is primarily on Facebook, due to it having an older demographic, which is exactly whom we are targeting to get our rental properties. Facebook also contains easy ways to reach an even slimmer target audience, which is people that are wanting to rent. Where as, Instagram has a younger demographic and does not have platform design for people to easily buy/sell things.

Facebook Market Place

Facebook Market Place has become very popular. Market place allows people to upload whatever they are selling/renting and easily attract people interested. This section within Facebook allows easy access for people to be able to scroll through rentals with specific details such as number of bed, baths, price range, etc. . It also allows the tenants to specifically send us messages about a rental property directly through messaging. This helps Top Shelf be able to respond quickly to prospective tenants messages.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are made up of people who directly want to be involved in a certain topic. Some examples of a group may be "Des Moines Rental" and people who join groups such as this one, are those who are in search of a rental in Des Moines. I have found that we can obtain a higher reach by posting in groups targeted towards those interested in rentals. Anything helps when you are trying to get more people to look at your rentals and a Facebook group is an excellent way to get more audiences attention. 

Post, Post, Post!

If you are not creating catchy images or constantly posting on social media platforms, then people will not remember your brand as much. Your company is irrelevant if you are not posting because there is such a large audience that you will be missing. Facebook is very important for Property Management rentals because of the large audience it reaches of people interested in renting a home. The more Top Shelf has posted, the greater our following has became, which has more than doubled. This has increased the amount of showings we have had and has helped our properties get rented faster. Our activity within the platform helps questions get answered a lot faster, thus helping our customer service become even greater. Many property management companies do not use Facebook or other social medias and this is one of our advantages within the Property Management industry.