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Top 5 Restaurants in Des Moines

Julia Johnson - Thursday, June 10, 2021

New to the Des Moines area or looking for great places to eat in the city? Des Moines is an area, which you will never run out of delicious foods.

1.) Spaghetti Works

Spaghetti works is a classic in the Des Moines metro and will leave your stomach feeling completely full! With their endless salad bar and all-you-care-to-eat-pasta, it is a hard one to pass up. Their all-you-care-to-eat-pasta is at a great price and comes with a variety of different sauces/noodles you can choose from. Not only do they only have pasta, but they have a ton of other delicious Italian dishes you can select from as well.

2.) Zombie Burger + Shake Lab

Feel free to dine-in at this downtown restaurant as you indulge in mouthwatering burgers and shakes. They truly do have a delicious burger for everyone and are all at reasonable prices. Their AMAZING shakes are inspired by different cereals and I guarantee that many of the flavors you have never experienced before. Don't only take my word for it and try it today!

3. Smokey D's BBQ

The smoked meats they have at Smokey Ds will leave you always craving BBQ! They have won 4 impressive world BBQ championships...if that doesn't say anything about what kind of treat you are in for when you eat here, then I don't know what will. You won't go wrong trying any of their different entry meals, although I will say you can never go wrong with their flavorful, fall off the bone BBQ Ribs.

4.) Americana

Excellent tastes and great reviews, the food will never disappoint you here! At this wonderful restaurant, it has classic American foods with an urban flare. Dinner is delightful, but their bottomless brunch of endless mimosas and bloody Mary's will make you question why you didn't eat here sooner. Weather it is dinner or brunch, due to the popularity you will have to make reservations so make sure to call in advance.

5.) Malo

A scrumptious, popular, Latin cuisine restaurant with freshly made tortilla chips and delightful salsa. From taco's to sandwiches' Malo has it all. With such delicious variety, it is without a doubt that they will have a food entry that will hit the spot for you. The atmosphere as well is fantastic with lots of amazing artwork inside the building. This spots is must try!

You must try these top five places on the list, although I will admit there are an abundance of fantastic restaurants in the Des Moines metro. Food makes people overall happier, so hopefully by reading this article you have found your new favorite restaurant.