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Want most of your Security Deposit? 8 Simple Things to Do

Julia Johnson - Thursday, May 20, 2021

You, the Tenant, are moving out of your rental and have packed up your car. Now what? The key to obtaining your full security deposit is to fix/clean your home to look exactly as it did when you moved in. Landlords do understand that accidents do happen and some things just do not get done in time, which is the reasoning as to collecting a deposit in the first place. But how do you get most of your deposit back? Make sure to check each one of these steps off your list.

#1- Cleaning

Cleaning is the number 1 way to save money. Before you leave your home make sure to scrub all hard surfaces, windows, drawers, the bathroom(s), mirrors, vacuum, dust, etc. . Make it look good as new, so your landlord does not have to hire cleaners on your dime. This step will be easiest once you have moved all of your items out to ensure that everything gets cleaned.

#2- Garbage

Make sure to take out all your garbage that is both inside and outside of your rental. Believe it or not, paying companies to remove trash can become expensive. This is why it is important for you to make sure everything is out of the property and into the garbage. Before you completely leave the premises, double check that you have taken out all of the garbage. Getting rid of the garbage does not mean leaving huge items next to the trash can just outside of your rental, but making sure it is properly disposed of.

#3 Smoke Detectors-

Many do not realize that the tenant is in fact responsible for the smoke detectors to have working batteries. Make sure to check all smoke detectors by pressing the "test" button that can be found on the detector. Getting new batteries in them is a simple and easy task, that will help you keep your deposit.

#4 Blinds-聽

Tenants are responsible for any broken or dirty blinds that are in their rental. If you need new blinds, these are easy to buy and install by yourself. If your rental did not come with blinds, then there is no need to buy new ones. Remember that your landlord most likely has pictures of how the rental looked before you moved in.

#5 Carpet Stains-

Carpet stains are not impossible to remove and can be cleaned up. There are plenty of different stain removers, along with DIY ways that remove stains as well. Stains require extra work for cleaners and a tenant will be charged for it. I have attached a link to a website that provides some DIY stain removal techniques for different spills/reasoning of the stain.聽,towel%20until%20stain%20is%20removed.

#6 Windows-

Broken windows or torn screens are also important to fix before moving out. These will cost you if they are left in the condition they are. If you are worried of a window possibly breaking during your tenancy, there are protective films you can buy to keep your windows in tiptop shape.

#7 Lights-

All light bulbs need to be working when you move out. If there are bulbs that are burnt out, you will be charged. Turn on all of the lights in every room to make sure they are all working. Light bulbs are very easy to buy and change out before moving out.

#8 Filter-

Many tenants do not think of the furnace filter when moving out, but it is needed to be changed out before you completely move out. The furnace filter is the tenants responsibility, so before you install a new one, make sure to look at the exact size of the one you need.

Keep in mind that all of these steps may take some time to do so plan in advance to complete each one of the fixes/cleaning. If you leave everything to last minute and rush through them, it may be shown on your deposit. Doing all of the work needed by yourself, instead of leaving it up to your landlord will save you so much money. We provide these tips out of hopefulness that everyone will get most or majority of their security deposit back.